A busy past weekend…

but over the weekend the first real snow started to fall (even though it melted a few hours later, it was really fun and magical to see). One of the best parts of last weekend was doing a lot of fun Christmas related activities. X's favorite so far has been camping out in front of the Christmas tree…

as you can see it continued right through nap time. One of the things I have noticed has been how much more interested and exciting it is for X to experience Christmas this year.

I finally decided to start working on the baby booties from the purl bee. It seemed like a fitting project while watching the Neverland miniseries on syfy (and I must say I think it was one of the best adaptations of peter pan I have ever seen!). I was a little nervous about starting them and had been putting them off. However, once I started it the cuff actually came together pretty quickly:

This pattern is definitely increasing my knitting skills! I am at the point where I can start adding the contrasting color (whoooo-hooooo!) I sure hope they turn out awesome 🙂

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