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alright it is time for the unveiling of my new list of things to do before I turn 29. This year I am making a few changes with how I document it and the amount of goals. I decided to only create 12 goals and instead of doing a monthly recap at the end of the month, I am going to blog every Thursday about 3 of the goals (covering all 12 in one month). I am hoping that this will keep me more accountable and on top of achieving the goals. So now for the list:

•Do more yoga
•Eat less processed food
•Support independent and/or local businesses
•Throw a party
•Make {kzjostudio} a real business
•Become an "official" runner
•Make more, using my stash up!
•Go on a weekend adventure
•Organize and clean out my entire studio
•Family photo shoot
•Increase my knitting skills
•Re-enter the dating world aka start dating

I feel like all these are doable (but still a little challenging), exciting, interesting, yet totally my kind of goals that I will be able to stick with all year long. I am sure that 28 will be one of my best years yet!

p.s. I am happy to say that some of my friends are starting their own list of birthday goals so I am adding a bonus goal of supporting all of my friend's in achieving there goals in any way that I can!

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