Super busy day…

That led to getting a ton of things crossed of my ever growing to-do list! Besides tackling the laundry, regular household chores, & bathing the dog; I managed to work on cleaning my studio, finished some knitting, all while watching a million murder, she wrote episodes. It was seriously a gloriously, busy, and lovely day off. Plus, I finally took the photos of my first finished cowl neck scarf (first time using circular needles & I must say I heart them big time!) in an off-white color this morning.

Good thing this was the prototype since I made it a little too short. (I already made another for my best pal in the right length.) My favorite part about the scarf is how it rolls and bunches when it's wrapped around your neck twice. Overall, I think this is going to become one of my go to knitting projects 🙂

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