Goals 2012…

The first check in on the new list! Since some of my goals are a little broad, I thought I should go into a little more detail on exactly what/how I am going to get them accomplished (over the next couple weeks, I will be sharing these)

•Do more yoga
Main goal- get into a regular routine with yoga & conquer a few advanced poses.
How- try at least 3 different types of yoga, take at least 2-4 classes from an instructor, and practice at least 3 times a week.

•Eat less processed food
Main goal- eat more real food less fake, attempting a 90/10 ratio ideally, but to eat as much good for you as possible.
How- cooking and prepping more at home (even baking bread, planning lunches in advance), growing lots of yummy things in our garden, trying new recipes and expanding my cooking horizons, eating less meat.

•Support independent and/or local businesses
Main goal- support mom & pop, budding start-ups, crafty people, and local or independent shops (including lots of handmade) instead of big box.
How- being more cautious and thoughtful on where I spend my $$$$, shop more on etsy or big cartel, attend community events and eat at local restaurants.

•Throw a party
Main goal- a just because party with no real reason except to celebrate the people I love in my life.
How- cook a bunch of wonderful dishes, use lots of great entertaining things that my grandmother gave me, pick a month in which not a ton of other activities are happening.

So there are the first four, next week I will share another four. Now its back to the mini golden girls marathon and some sewing (hopefully, I will have a few sewing & knitting finishes to share by the weekend!)

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