Sewing Summit, one of the best weekends ever…

part 1 of my awesome adventure:
We headed for Salt Lake early Friday morning with a plan to hit up Ikea for a little shopping before checking into the hotel. My favorite find of the day was wood hangers (i know want everything in my closet to be hung on them) it pretty much looks awesome! Then we made it to our hotel, checked in, and unpacked our stuff. As soon as we were settle it was off to check in to the Sewing Summit. Here I am with my name tag after checking out the most amazing swag bag!

Plus right away I got to meet one of my pals from my twitter universe Megan (from and the social media lady of the Sewing Summit) Here we are before leaving on Sunday:

Later in the afternoon/early evening was a little get-to-know-you welcome reception which was a great way to get the event started. Then it was a quick clothes change and cab ride over to a fun Italian Restaurant for the dinner organized by Dana (from Old Red Barn Co). Of course, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to have a little after dinner photo shoot:

After dinner, I hit up the sewing room for a bit before calling it a night. 
part 2 coming up tomorrow!!!!

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