A late recap…

of my 27 things to do before I turn 27 list. Overall, I managed to cross off a few more things during September good thing since October is the last month of trying to get any of these done! It sure was a busy month and I unintentionally took a little blog writing sabbatical, but don't worry I am back with a whole lot more fun and energy for the blog! I am back from my weekend adventure to the first Sewing Summit and it really has renewed my energy and love of sewing, blogging, and creating (I was in a serious funk). Look for a couple of posts about it starting tomorrow. Anyways, here is my self-portrait from the month:

So, lets check in on my list of 27 things to do before I turn 28 list…
(items in orange are the status of each goal, so I can see my progress and figure out what I need to work on more. I want to make sure that I keep up with them and here are the rules/guides I created for myself:

1. try and accomplish all the goals in one years time
2. complete a monthly recap on the blog at the end of each month

The goals:
1. Read 1 book a month (5 down and I started a new one— but this one probably isn't going to be completed)
2. Blog 3 times a week (along with introducing new features) (I was so horrible at this but this month is going to be awesome!)
3. Scrapbook twice a month (I am going to count that my bff and I got x's birthday invites done using a bunch of my scrapbooking supplies)
4. Bake once a month a new recipe (either bread, cookies or some other yummy thing) (banana bread, applesauce, a bunch of yummy stand-by recipes)
5. Make 2 full size quilts 
6. Use up my fabric stash even the little pieces I have been saving (Haven't really done a whole lot of sewing)
7. Try something new (re-entered the dating world, super scary and was a wacky experience, but in the end was a good time plus a learning experience)
8. Go bowling
9. Teach more sewing classes using my own patterns (this one is probably not going to happen mainly because my holiday schedule is really tight)
10. Go to the driving range and practice my golf swing (didn't happen this year)
11. Tackle my sewing work-in-progress list (a few more things made it off the list)
12. Take Xavier on an adventure
13. Go through my closet and do some much needed purging and updating
14. Participate in one online swap like a pincushion, pillow, or urban home goods
15. Go all out with the decorating and activities around the holidays (like christmas, easter, etc.)(decorated for Halloween WOOOT!)
16. Take a new self-portrait once a month (managed to take a couple)
17. Go hiking
18. Take a new family photo of X and me (next week is the week!)
19. Comment more on all of the blogs I read (still playing catch up but am getting better!)
20. Increase the distance in my morning/afternoon runs (I have really got back into the walking/running routine and I am getting a lot better!)
21. Going swimming when it is really warm out (totally went swimming even though it was in an indoor pool)
22. Play a game of tennis (I finally found someone to play with so we just need to set up a time and go for it)
23. Go to thrift stores and yard sales more (nothing happening there)
24. Make some kits to sell in my online shop
25. Open my own shop on line selling my patterns (I just need to work out a few more paperwork details and do some illustrations for the shop to get up and running.)
26. Attend Spring Market in Salt Lake City with a booth selling my patterns
27. Have a booth at a local craft fair (probably won't happen this year but next year for sure!)

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