Another week has disappeared…

and somehow it turned out to be pretty awesome. Most of my week was spent working at the day job, hanging out with my friends and attempting to get a few illustrations finished up. One of the biggest highlights was passing my motorcycle skills test, so freaking exciting. I was so nervous but I made it through and only really have to focus on braking faster apparently (go figure!). Other exciting things include a fun night out on Friday and one of my good friend from work's amazing (seriously, it was so insanely cute) wedding on Saturday. I went to the wedding with a few girls from work, here is a photo of kristen and I anxiously waiting to see the bride walk down the aisle…

And for the record, I was insanely in love with the dress I was wearing, I picked it up at Target a few weeks ago.

Today so far- I managed to walk 5.5 miles, took x to the park and went grocery shopping. Tonight, I have to finish up x's birthday invites… here is a peak:

I have a feeling there are going to be a million bats at this batman party, his super obsession. Alright, off to work on a few things for the blog and get these invites finished up.

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