A new member of the family…

my sewing family that is:
Meet Beatrice! She is happy to join my other machines up in my studio (Harlow, Noah, Poppy, & Katarina— ok so I like to name my machines it makes it easier for me to talk about them or say you can use Poppy for that– plus I just think it is awesome) I am so excited about this machine and it is such an awesome desk. It is a 52 kenmore. She is set up next to my quilting design wall and will probably mostly be used for piecing. Next week I am going to make some time to make a couple of projects using this machine. 
I also managed to get the binding on to my Unwind quilt, so now I can finally start whipstitching it down while catching up on my favorite bravo shows! I am not much of a listen to music person when I am working on projects much more of a tv kind of gal. I wonder how many other people are tv instead of music people when it comes to background noise for working on projects. (I am obsessed with listening to music in my car though!).

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