Working on two quilts at the same time…

in an attempt to get a few things crossed off my list. So I really have project ADD and just sort of jump all over the place (that's probably why my to-do list is enormous), but I am working on that. Yesterday, I set up a small sewing area in the living room– the studio is just a little hot in the afternoon plus it is insanely hard to watch a 3.5 year old and get anything done. The results tons of progress on two major projects. The first is the youth sized version of the Unwind quilt by Jaybird Quilts using the Little Apples Fat Eighths Bundle I picked up at quilt market, here is the close up of the blocks:
Here is the whole thing laid out on the design wall:
Overall, I love this pattern and this version is a little bit on the bright side of things, I think. The blocks came together sew quickly and now all I really need to finish up is sewing them together and making the backing. The quilt is actually for my mom (it was sort of surprise until I told her yesterday— I am horrible at keeping surprises!) It is going to go in her classroom as a way to jazz it up which means I need to have it finished up in the next few weeks since school starts up again soon. 
The other project was one I quite awhile ago, yet I am determined to get it finished up; my single girl quilt! These are the beginnings of the rings: 
Right now I have 3 of the 4 quarters of 4 rings sewn together. I am only doing 4 blocks and am going to add a large borders to increase the quilt size to a large lap quilt. The background fabric still has to be cut, which I am going to try and get cut out to today if I get a few of my farmer's wife quilt blocks finished up (I am soooo behind on that one). Anyways, for the rings I carefully cut up two plume charm packs so each ring has a few different pieces. I can't wait to see this one finished up! Finally, a little bit of sewing happening around here, have you been working on anything fun?

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