Updating my little man’s room…

so I have been slowly working redoing x's room. I never really did a full on decorated nursery for him, so I felt it was time to give his room a big boy makeover (you, know since he is going to be 4 this fall and keeps telling me he is no longer a baby). Now it is nowhere close to being finished up, but I thought it would be fun to share it as I am working on it.

so far I added the giant X (my dad made it for me) and then I made a super simple bunting to hang over the window— I want to put a little shelf above it. I just used two fat quarters, cut them into triangles, sewed them together (wrong sides, I left the raw edges exposed) and used some bias tape to create the bunting. Here is the bunting up close:

I am also going to design a quilt for his bed and I still have a few other things to find/make to finish it up! So far the little man really likes it, which is always a plus!

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