I went to a wedding yesterday…

So it called for another one of my standby wedding presents, but I have to say this one has turned out to be my favorite love note pillow I have ever made! Here is the front:

and the back: 

the details: fabric is DS Quilts from Jo-anns and the cards in the pocket are from Papersource. I loved how the yo-yo flowers turned out (one of my best pals showed me how to use the clover yo-yo maker- I sort of lost the instructions- and it was so super simple and the results were very consistent) The flower centers are some vintage buttons from my collection. This time around I decided not to put in a hidden pocket but make it part of the design.

So, the wedding was lovely and it was a fantastic time. The bride looked amazing and the ceremony was very special. I hope they love this pillow and that they write lots of cute little notes to each other. This was my first experience attending a wedding solo (that I wasn't in) and also as a divorced lady. Needless to say it was a little emotional for me since I am such a die hard romantic, but I ended up having lots of fun (and I managed to only get a little misty-eyed during the vows that part always gets me). It's wonderful to see people in love! In the end it was a wonderful day filled with tons of love and laughter. 

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