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since I am sick, I have been able to catch up on some of my blog reading. (it also helped that I cut my blog subscriptions in half and can now really enjoy reading some of my favorite blogs again.) I saw this fun A to Z about me survey on One Pearl Button and thought hey, i haven't had a very productive week which doesn't lend itself to awesome blog reading content, so here we go…

A. Age: 27 and a half
B. Bed size: Queen and for a single lady you would think that was spacious, but when you add in a cat and a toddler who likes to spend part of his time in there you end up with maybe a quarter of the bed if you're lucky.
C. Chore that you hate: dishes, hands down my least favorite oh and probably vacuuming.
D. Dogs: totally awesome (i am a big animal lover) I have 3 max, barney, and archer
E. Essential start to your day: hot water with lemon, email, twitter, and Facebook (on the weekends coffee)
F. Favorite color: Right now Orange hands down!!
G. Gold or Silver: silver usually- but sometimes gold just works better
H. Height: 5'7" , but I like to wear heels to add some extra height!
I. Instruments you play: used to play violin in grade school and middle school
J. Job title: job 1: small-business owner/designer/illustrator (in progress) job 2: merchandiser for a department store job 3: sewing instructor,
K. Kids: 1 independent, funny, lovely, crazy 3.5 year little boy, Xavier also referred to as X
L. Live: in Idaho
M. Mother's name: Paula
N. Nicknames: Krazy KZ, MoMo, KZ JO, baby girl
O. Overnight hospital stays: Once just when i delivered X
P. Pet peeve: jeans that don't touch the ground when wearing high heels and hit mid-shoe (I like them touching the ground or above the ankle) also I never buy the first magazine on the shelf always from the middle of the stack & I can't stand it when someone else looks at it before me.
Q. Quote from a movie: From a movie— dude, where's your car? or anything from bridesmaid's which was sooo funny
R. Right or left handed: Right for most things but left handed for others–
S. Siblings: half sister older than me
T. Time you wake up: 4:50 am on weekdays & between 6:30 and 7:00 on weekends usually
U. Underwear: umm, of course
V. Vegetable you hate: BEETS!! but i can grow them and make awesome beet pickles apparently
W. What makes you run late: not prepping before hand, but i hate being late so i am usually 10 minutes early.
X. X-Rays you've had: arm and teeth
Y. Yummy food that you make: chili, pizza, fruit crisps, banana bread
Z. Zoo animal: tigers, monkeys, and elephants.

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