Sewing and Running…

This week led to just a few fun projects that actually got finished in the same week they were started. First, I made the key holder bag from the style stitches book by amy butler.

This was probably one of the easiest projects to understand in directions out of that book, however, I am not in love with the finished project. Something made one side of my zipper a little wacky—

and the opening is barely big enough to slide your hand in make it hard to dig for whats in it. (My plan was to use it while at Quilt market (yes you read that right, I will have a whole bunch of posts on that later) to hold some business cards, keys, change, etc. but now i am having second thoughts on that) I do love the way it looks and the fabric is some Soul Blossoms by Amy butler, solid is kona in ash. On the plus side, this was a project that was completed start to finish in one of X's naptimes. Sometimes, it's nice to actually finish something up. I will be posting my second finish of the week tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I haven't been working a whole lot on my innocent crush quilt, but I did manage to get most of the pieces cut for my plume single girl quilt. So, I am going to attempt to run (probably more likely jog and walk) a 5k in a couple of weekends. By no means am I a runner, but I would like to get there (so far this week i have logged about 8 miles totally, 4 on two days; not a ton but i feel like it is a great start). Since this is my first one I am going to use it as a gauge for a starting point in my running career. (lol). I am hoping to complete it in around 45 mins. Then I can work on improving my time over the course of the year. Luckily, I have one of best friends doing this with me which is so awesome and I can't thank her enough. I can't wait to see how this adventure turns out.

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