Saturday’s Magic Valley Modern Quilt Guild Meeting…

was lovely as always! It was great hanging out with everyone! I ended up not staying for sewing night mainly because i am starting to get a pileup of work at home that needs to be done and I was pretty tired from running my first 5k! Here I am with one of my best friends (I convinced her to do this with because I am lame and didn't really want to do it myself), Tara before the race:

We both ended up shaving 10 minutes off of our practice time, which was pretty exciting. We are already planning on completing another one either in August or September. 
Anyways, I thought I would share the finished up mini quilt I made for the Magic Valley Modern Quilt Guilds Mini Quilt Swap:

 The front of the quilt (it is a chair and the embroidery says …take a seat)
and here is the back:

My mini quilt ended up going to Mary and I received Tara's (seriously I was so happy with that because it is orange) Here it is:

and the back:

These pictures really don't do the quilt justice, but the quilting is simply amazing. The mini quilt is happily residing above my  desk!

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