A new shirt…

Tucked away in my fabric stash, lived a navy and white stripe rib knit that I probably picked up a few months ago. For awhile now I have been pondering several ideas for what to do with it. While flipping through the Sew U Home Stretch book by Built by Wendy, I came across the boatneck top and decided that was what that fabric was going to be used for. This one took my a couple days to finish, only because worked on it in small time increments.

A few things that I changed up were the sleeve length, side slits, and instead of folding the jersey over along the neckline, sleeves, and hem, I just overlocked them. I made a size large (the book comes with basic patterns size XS-L that you alter to make different shirts and dresses) and since I have lost some weight it is actually quite large on me. Next time I will just use the medium size instead. Really this project probably took a little over an hour from start to finish and since the fabric was around 2 or 3 dollars this was a great deal. This piece also filled a small void in my closet and since it is somewhat a basic/classic piece it won't really go out of style. Some styling ideas: wear with leggings, slim cropped pants (cropped just above the ankle) or jeans ( bermuda length in a dark wash) and red, black or gold flats.

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