What you really want to see?!

My closet… yepp, in all it's glory (and, um, slightly messy). Here it is:

 It is super open and slightly organized (working on that). Things that are hung up: mostly shirts, dresses and jackets. Things that are folded either on shelves that are behind/under the clothing or in the dresser include pants, undershirts, underwear, sweaters, socks, some knit shirts, workout clothing, pajamas, and other misc things. In the bottom of my closets is the best thing ever, a shoe rack!  
I managed to take a photo of my mom's closet before she cleaned it out: 

Here is my mom's closet after she cleaned it out (8 bags of clothes were donated): 

Don't worry we have added a few new things to it since the clean out.
So, now that you have seen our closets it time to start updating them and coming up with our new looks. Our next assignment, mood boards. This will help us get a direction of where we want to go along with guiding us in making good clothing purchases or sewing things that will fit out new aesthetic. (I already have a spring sewing plan that will I will be sharing with you over the weekend).

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