Versatile Wardrobe: Spring & Summer Wardrobe plans Part 1

One of the aspects of building my new wardrobe is to include more handmade clothing whether I make them myself or buy from smaller shops on etsy or bigcartel, online, etc. Now, I could draft all of my patterns by myself and design everything from scratch (which would be awesome!) but sometimes its just easier to hit up the .99 cent pattern sales at Joanns or Hancocks. Which is exactly what i did and now I need to get a bunch of muslin in order to test the patterns and make alterations (i want my clothes to fit really well in order to look there best on me and testing the pattern first will save me time, frustration, and hopefully end up with a better end result.) Here are my choices for spring/summer along with a few pieces that I hope will transition into fall.

 Simplicity Patterns 2250 & 2281 (Cynthia Rowley)

Goals: Pattern 2250- the blazer and the dress view C. The blazer is going to be a staple in my closet and will used in several different kinds of outfits. The dress I think would be perfect for a night out or attending a wedding or other special occasion event.

Pattern 2281- The dress in view A and view C for spring and summer and if I have time view B for fall with the long sleeves. Again I think that these would be great for a date or depending on the fabric can be used for a summer casual dress.

Simplicity Patterns 2219 & 2374

Goals: Pattern 2219- Dress in view D, A, & C – I love that these use knits and are bound to be super comfy for the hot weather (if it ever gets here)

Pattern 2374- View A & E I love the cardigan very useful for cooler nights and I think I could make several in different colors. E is the romper, which I am slightly obsessed with (okay a lot obsessed with) I think it will work for hanging out and just being really casual.

Simplicity Patterns 2187 & 2190

Goals: Pattern 2187- All three. View A I think would be fun in a bright solid and could transition easily in fall. View B is a great option for hot weather and View c (the jumpsuit) I think would be awesome in black and could be added to my work wardrobe.

Pattern 2190- Everything but the pants (I am not really sure about them). I think this pattern has a lot of mix and match possibilities (like the t-shirt can be worn with jeans or shorts and the skirt with a tank, etc.)

I still have another 6 sets of patterns (i know a lot of sewing, but I really tried to find things that would work well through different season, match my aesthetic and will build my wardrobe with lots of mix and match pieces. I am still on the hunt for a fabulous shorts pattern otherwise I may end up drafting my own. Again this is just a goal list and I am still in the process of losing weight so I haven't even started thinking about what order to sew them in yet.  Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Versatile Wardrobe: Spring & Summer Wardrobe plans Part 1

  1. Wow youre an ambitious woman! I think its great that you like to sew and quilt. I have done a little sewing but that was years and years ago. I keep thinking about giving it another go since Im learning to quilt. Might as well get all the use out of the sewing machine as it can handle! I cant wait to see the finished outfits.

  2. After seeing this, at $1.99 I had to get the top four. I love it when I can say I made this! Cant wait to see your follow up post!

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