Quilt Progress

Today, I managed to pin up a little more of my quilt. I am finally ready to start sewing this thing together. The large blocks are still not the right size since I still have to pick up some more fabric and recut them. I am going to work on making rows or little units so I can make some progress on it. The goal is to have this one finished up by the end of April. Here is what the whole thing looks like so far:

I really love how it is turning out, the only that is a little difficult is the pattern leaves a lot of room for interpretation of where the prints go. Which normally wouldn't seem like a problem but specific areas need the triangles on the corners and to create a nice balance with the prints is a little difficult without some guidelines. That is the why I am spending the time laying it out on my design wall instead of just digging in. (by the way the wall is 60" x 60" and the finished quilt size will be 80" x 80" so you are only see the upper left part of the quilt for now.) After I finish this quilt up I am going to make sure to label where all the prints go so it is a little easier if I ever want to make this one again.

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