Not a whole lot going on…

except I am busy catching up on a ton of computer work (think illustration, the member book for the magic valley modern quilt guild, and working on a few new tutorials) and my sewing as been a little bit on the slow side. I did manage to finish up the prom dress I was making and it turned out beautiful. Which made me completely happy.

Last weekend was the Desert Sage Quilt guild's quilt show. I didn't have any quilts in the show, but X was in his very first fashion show. He did a great job and was super cute (I can say that because I am his mommy!! hehe)! He modeled lounge pants and the oliver + s peacoat, I made for him. I think he may have caught the modeling bug since at the end all he could say was "That was awesome!"

Overall, the quilts in the show were a lot of fun! Some were more my style than others, but each to their own. I came away with a couple of good ideas for a few mini-quilts.

The biggest news of all is: I got a scooter!

Its totally cute and really helps me fulfill my desire to live in a foreign country (like italy or greece) and ride a vespa by the ocean on winding roads with flowers and yummy goodies like breads, cheeses, fruit etc. in a basket. I am in love with it and is the perfect mode of transport to get me to work and run little errands. I feel like I might need a whole new wardrobe to go with it!

2 thoughts on “Not a whole lot going on…

  1. Cute scooter! Perfect for the nice Idaho weather youll be having soon. I miss it already 🙁 And prom? High school boys are a little young, dont you think 😉 Love ya, cuz!

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