Let’s find out about…

my mom's feelings about style and what she is hoping to get out of my versatile wardrobe adventure…

These are her answers to the questions!

• What type of climate do you live in (warm, tropical, cold, 4 seasons, rainy, etc)? all four seasons with hot summers and cool winters plus lots of windy days

Do you prefer layers or not? I like the look of layers, but don't enjoy wearing them because I sometimes get overheated.

• Colors you gravitate towards (at least 3): red, black, corals, oranges

Heels or flats or both? flats

• Do you prefer dresses, skirts, jeans or a mix? jeans or pants mostly

Wardrobe needs (travel, work, gym, etc.)? work, outdoor and relaxation

• Style icons (as many as you want to list)? jacyln smith, the ladies on the weather channel

Any favorite designers or brands? inc, style & co, alfani, plus a few more

• Ideal vacation spot? warm with water.

• Do you have any signatures or a mainstay of your wardrobe that you can't possible live without (could be perfume, glasses, hairstyle, jewelry, etc.)? harley boots, lipstick, & make up, and an eyelash curler

Next up in the series—- see what our closets look like and our first "assignment"!


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