Last week’s Modern Quilt Guild Meeting

was a blast as usual. It was great to see what everyone was working on and catch up with everyone as well plus have amazing chocolate cake! First, up I finished up my first two blocks for our Mystery Block of the Month:

And then it was time for our pincushion swap (I was making mine for a lovely lady, Jenny, hope she liked them). The first pincushion was out of scraps from Jenny's stash (I love, love, love leopard and I couldn't resist making her a little kitty!)

The second pincushion was based on something out of my own scraps. I broke into some of my beloved Neptune and made this little guy:
Totally in love with it, which may mean one of these will soon be headed into my sewing room. The pincushions I received were made by the ultra talented Jenele. You can see them over here on the Magic Valley Modern Quilt guild's blog (mine are in the first photo). I love both of them so very much and the pear as found its home on my desk and the round one is proudly chilling by my ironing board.

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