Glad that it is the beginning of a new week…

I have no idea why, but March has become one of the busiest months in what seems like forever. My project list is way out of control, I have been slacking in my workouts (totally making me grumpy), and I think I am just overdoing it. I did manage to make a lot of progress on the prom dress, I am making (which I am determined to have finished up in a week from today) and I think that it is going to be quite stunning when it is finished up. In between work and the prom dress, I finished up a the circle skirt for the class on Saturday along with finishing all the cutting part of my quilt. Believe it or not I actually started sewing it up (my goal is to have it finished up by the end of April). On top of all this X has been sick and has made it even trickier to get things finished up. This week is already shaping up to be a tough one and I am planning on staying up late to finish up a lot of sewing, writing patterns, writing some tutorials/blog posts, and getting a presentation ready for thursday night! Do you ever have those kind of crazy weeks, where you wonder why you took on toooo many things?!?!

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