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Ahh, sunday's are always the start to my week and my time to plan, divide up task, and get my game plan for making a great week. As for the coffee part- I have slowly started drinking 1-2 cups in the morning (I gave up my 8-12 cup a day habit about 2 months ago) and I have to say I really haven't missed it that much. I think now I want it to be a really great cup a coffee and make it a totally weekly splurge. (I think that this is another one of those rambling style posts coming your way!) March has been moving at an incredible rate which has led me with a new focus for April- the month of NO! I have so many things to work on and I am totally one of those say yes to everything kind of people, but not during the month of April. My goals are to get caught up on BLOGGING (right now I have about 10 posts either half-way written or planned), crossing of a ton of WIPs, spring cleaning, and starting the decorating process on my son's room, plus a billion other things!

Now for a little weekly recap (mainly because I can't seem to blog things as they actually happen)-
Mainly I worked during the week so the real exciting stuff didn't occur until Thursday:
-Spent a grand amount of time sewing and doing a little cleaning around the house & the studio.

 I finally managed to reorganize my bathroom counter– I ended up using a bunch of glass things that were around the house.

– my quilt— yes, apparently I have to much on my brain at the moment and will have to recut some more blocks. Somewhere, along the way I actually cut out 10- 10.5" blocks instead of 10- 12.5" blocks and I don't have enough fabric to cut them so now I will have to get some more. However, I came up with a game plan for the wrong-size blocks. They are going to be used in creating the pillow shams!

– On Thursday night, I spoke to one of our local quilt guilds (Desert Sage Quilt Guild) about modern quilting. I was fairly nervous (I think that there were about 50-60 people there!) which has been my biggest public speaking endeavor to date. Luckily, two members from the Magic Valley Modern Quilt Guild came (thanks, Trina & Susanna!) and really took away all of my nerves. Overall, I think that the presentation went really well!

– Friday was a non-sewing day but I did go to a movie (first one I have been to in months) and saw The Lincoln Lawyer. It was really great and I would totally see it again (but not at our stupid theater who doesn't take the coupons that they are on the list of participating theaters so freaking annoying!!!!) I am so glad that we are getting a new theater as I will probably not go back there again.

Today's biggest project is:

finishing up a prom dress. I think it is going to look amazing- I will totally share photos when its done and after the prom.

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  1. Actually, Thursday was my first time to attend the Desert Sage Quilter meeting and I was so thrilled to listen to your lecture about Modern Quilting! I related to everything you said about researching online through blogs to see what others are doing, and being wonky when it comes to cutting and not getting so hung up on perfection. I wanted to say something at the time but I was kind of shy with so many people around. Instead, I busied myself taking photographs of the Show-and-Tell quilts. Anyway, thank you so much for doing the guest lecture on that night! I was/am truly inspired and even created my own quilting blog to chronicle my adventures!Lisa (aka TheOminousQuilter)

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