The beginning of another week…

so far Monday has been full of it's usual craziness. Luckily, over the weekend, I managed to get a few major things crossed off my to-do list (moving my "office" area & reorganizing it, sketches for a prom dress, catching up on a few blogs, finished a little something for a giveaway, took photos for an upcoming tutorial, along with some cleaning and organizing of the house). This cut my must do list in half.

I am didn't get any "real" sewing done today, but I managed to pick out a pattern for a new queen sized quilt for my bed using innocent crush. It has taken me forever to decide on a quilt for my room and I think I have found the perfect one. Hoping to start cutting it out this week!

 This afternoon, I worked on the prep part (cutting, etc…) on a purse for a class in early March and I realized I am almost out of woven interfacing, so a quick run to Jo-anns might be necessary. The studio is also going through its annual spring cleaning (which I really hate cleaning, but I am getting better). I start spring cleaning fairly early since it seems to take me forever to get it tackled, but the #1 goal this year is to get everything off the floor (I am a total pile-er, lol) and into its own home. A lot of things have already been donated, tossed or kept and sorted. I can't wait to show you photos when I am finished up!

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