Introducing the “Assembling a Versatile Wardrobe” Series

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Behind the scenes here on the blog, I have been working on coming up with a neat way to document creating a better closet full of things you will love to wear. Viola! The Assembling a Versatile Wardrobe series was born. This blog series is going to be covering how to build your own personal closet filled with clothes you love, defining your look, getting the most from your fashion dollar, utilizing vintage patterns, and a whole lot more. I will also be including fun tutorials and patterns for new pieces for your closet like belts, t-shirts, dresses, etc. 
One of the main reasons for starting this series includes the fact that my closet is full of things I don't like, no longer fit (aka I am starting to become a much fitter, healthier me), or have had forever and a day. So, here I am starting from the ground up and building a newer, more awesome wardrobe that I am know I will love. Now, it wouldn't be as fun doing this all by myself, so my mom has also joined in on the fun! I would love it if you wanted to as well! 
Stay tuned because later this week because I will be the showing you just exactly what we are dealing with in our closets: the good, the bad and the ugly!

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