this week has been filled with so much, here's the highlights:
-sewing (finished 1; 2 are in progress as of now)
-finished knitting my dad's neck warmer (finally)
-started a new scarf
-finalized the details for x's valentine card photo shoot (hopefully it will take place this weekend)
-came up with a few new ideas for the blog (new tutorial along with a giveaway coming soon)
-working out (level 2 on the 30 day shred and going to my first zumba class tonight- that should e interesting) One thing I am finding out is that I really enjoy jogging/running. I never really liked it before, but it is really becoming one of my favorite activities.
-kicked the coffee habit (almost most days I am not really drinking any coffee and replaced it with hot lemon water in the morning. The things I have noticed most are: higher energy level and I am not craving so much sugar).
-eating a lot less meat (this week I have really done well with that.

and because I don't have a ton of interesting pictures (I have been slacking on the photo thing). Here's one of Archer the newest member of our family a.k.a xavier's new puppy:

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