Random Updates…

-some sewing has been happening around here. Just enough to keep me from feeling like I am not getting anything finished up.

-this year, i can tell is going to be all about time management (something I am horrible at). My days are going to have to be a little micro-managed for awhile (xavier, work, sewing, teaching, working out, cleaning, getting my business off the ground, blogging, pets, etc) all have to find time in my day. I am making a few non-negotiables for during the week such as work in the morning, then working out, and xavier time (this is totally my favorite part of everyday spending as much time with my son as possible and will always be my number 1 priority) . Those are my must dos and I am trying to keep that in perspective. Everything else is going to have to be fit where ever there are openings in my schedule (sewing however is something that I always try to fit in every day even if it is just 15 mins).

-my studio is a crazy mess right now- my two cats have taken it upon themselves to tear it apart… which is leading to a major re-do moment. My bedroom just went through this mass upheaval yesterday, the new rules in my areas are nothing can be on the floor (mainly because we have a new puppy and two cats) and everything has to have a spot or be used if not it has to go (now I know most people do this, but I thrive in more of a clutter infused environment so this is a BIG deal to me and can create a little bit of anxiety). So my studio is also going to go through this sometime this month, but I imagine it is going to take a lot longer than the 6 hours it took me yesterday in my room.

-I love rainy gray days (always more productive on days like that) so this weather for me has been awesome.

-I dyed my hair yesterday, time for another change (I am beginning to appreciate all the changes that have been happening lately- I think they are for the better!)

-I am going back to being mostly vegetarian (only meat 1-2 a week) I don't really like it that much anyways. Plus I am going to try and eat as many fresh veggies and fruits as possible along with cutting out processed foods… tough work but I really need to put this effort in and focus on getting in the best shape of my life.

-redoing my whole "look" and also getting back into my fashion obsession (like that ever really left), but I am focusing on taking more fashion risks and just styling my looks a lot more. (more on that later in the week; say hello to a new blog feature!)

– So far 2011 looks like it is going to rock.

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