Bring on the L-O-V-E!!!

Well, I am glad that January is coming to an end because we are that much closer to spring and warmer days (I hate being cold). February is one of my favorite months- mainly because of Valentine's Day (yes, I am that super romantic gushy girl even though most people don't know it. I am a sucker for all the cheesy things, red & pink hearts, flowers and chocolates, etc.) I have already hung up a little bit of Valentine decor around the house and figured out what our annual Valentine card is going to look like (as a bonus I got the photo taken already and now they just need to be printed). As soon as I can get a little free time, I have a couple of Valentine projects that I want to make.

I also managed to take a few self-portrait shots this month. Here are two of my favorites:

 Anyways, I thought I would take a look at my 27 things to do before I turn 28 list…

(items in orange are the status of each goal, so I can see my progress and figure out what I need to work on more. I want to make sure that I keep up with them and here are the rules/guides I created for myself:

1. try and accomplish all the goals in one years time
2. complete a monthly recap on the blog at the end of each month
3. document goal progress with a photo or a photo for completion (*this one is new)
4. add a page to a scrapbook about the goal (* I think I will make a little mini-book to document the process of completing my goals and this will also help with goal #3.)

The goals:
1. Read 1 book a month (still working on this won, but am close to having 3 finished up!!!.)
2. Blog 3 times a week (along with introducing new features) (working on it.)
3. Scrapbook twice a month (I did manage to get an album together for the goals, but other than that it just keeps piling up)
4. Bake once a month a new recipe (either bread, cookies or some other yummy thing) (i made applesauce, banana bread, some vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.)
5. Make 2 full size quilts  (i have one quilt top in progress)
6. Use up my fabric stash even the little pieces I have been saving (I have been using a ton from my stash and refraining from buying just random fabric as much as possible)
7. Try something new (I went to a club zumba workout class and totally fell in love with it, the class is one of my new obsessions)
8. Go bowling (our work is having a bowling party in feb. so this is totally going to get crossed off next month)
9. Teach more sewing classes using my own patterns (teaching one next tuesday night)
10. Go to the driving range and practice my golf swing
11. Tackle my sewing work-in-progress list (crossed off a couple of more things)
12. Take Xavier on an adventure (I have one planned in the next couple of weeks!)
13. Go through my closet and do some much needed purging and updating (completed the purging part)
14. Participate in one online swap like a pincushion, pillow, or urban home goods
15. Go all out with the decorating and activities around the holidays (like christmas, easter, etc.)(already have the LOVE decor up!)
16. Take a new self-portrait once a month (love this month's self-portrait, can't get enough of these sunglasses I picked up at target.)
17. Go hiking
18. Take a new family photo of X and me (need to take more a few more of us together)
19. Comment more on all of the blogs I read (I managed to leave about 15-20 comments last month, not nearly enough! Since i subscribe to a ton of blogs i am going to at least try and comment on 30 posts in feb. and I need to try and stay caught up on reading them since I seem to be falling behind.)
20. Increase the distance in my morning/afternoon runs (getting better…)
21. Going swimming when it is really warm out
22. Play a game of tennis
23. Go to thrift stores and yard sales more (went thrifting twice this past month and scored some fun stuff)
24. Make some kits to sell in my online shop
25. Open my own shop on line selling my patterns (major goal for 2011!!!)
26. Attend Spring Market in Salt Lake City with a booth selling my patterns< br /> 27. Have a booth at a local craft fair

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