a couple of finishes…

First up this bag from the book Style Stitches by Amy Butler:

fabric used: Print is from the Poppy collection by Laura Gunn; solid is characol from kona solids.

Overall, this bag looks really cute and is functional (I am going to add a large button to the top flap just for an added detail), but there were a few problems. This bag was a christmas gift (a little late but you know it got done, so it's a alright that it is technically) for my mom, she loves it. So the construction details: super time consuming, wasted a little bit of materials, was over on yardage needed, and there are few steps that were confusing. I do think this bag is doable if you want to put the time into it (cutting it out seemed to take forever) and with a couple of construction changes to make the assembly a little quicker. As for making this pattern again, I am on the fence about that one.

Also from this same book, I made the checkbook holder:

Fabric used is from the city weekend collection.

This is actually the second one I made (the first went to my mom and it does match her bag). This pattern I love! It was fairly simple and came together really quickly. One of the things I changed with this checkbook holder was to use 3 prints instead of 2 prints and 1 solid. I love the way it turned out, I think that my favorite part of the whole thing is the inside pockets and pen holder (a little hard to see in the pictures).  I am planning on making a few more projects from this book in the next couple of weeks which I will be sharing as soon as they are done! I am so glad to be back in my studio, sewing up all kinds of things! 🙂

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