Wow, this week went by so fast…

I guess that's what happens when you are trying to get a bunch of loose ends tied up before christmas. Today, I mailed out the holiday cookies (that was a big check of my to-do list) my mom and I really enjoyed baking them and have already figured out several areas where we try new things for next year.

I also finished up a little (really it was giant sized) custom sewing project and am trying to figure out my sewing class schedule for January through March of 2011. Which once decided I will be busy making samples for the classes along with trying to finish up a few patterns and get my online shop open. I think 2011 is going to be a busy, busy year or at least start off that way.

One of the other huge projects that is on my list is building a better (new, current, and totally awesome) wardrobe. (My mom included). Starting in the next couple weeks, we are going to be going through our closets and showing you the good, bad, and the ugly. Our closets will be reorganized and then we will each start building a new wardrobe! We plan on taking you on our crazy journey and in the end we will both have a whole new style, look and a closet filled with wearable clothing.

Do you have any big plans for next year?

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