The week in a recap…

Once again I was a bad blogger this week (extremely determined to do better this week), so I am working on several posts today so that even  if I get busy something will get up here on the blog. I seem to have so many things going on and the blog sometimes gets pushed to the back even though it is one of my favorite things to do! Anyways here was my week:

Monday- work from early morning (I am talking 5:30 am) until early afternoon (around 1:30) followed up by hand out writing and then an evening hanging out/playing with my little guy. I also managed to work on some knitting and a few other random things.

Tuesday- work same as Monday, finishing the final handout for my Quilt class that was supposed to be on Tuesday night but was canceled and rescheduled, a quick trip out the Quilt barn and then spent the evening hanging out and playing with the little guy.

Wednesday- work same as Monday and Tuesday, had a migraine napped for a few hours in the afternoon and then again in the evening. Woke up in time to run to Macy's and pick up a dutch oven (I got the red 5.5 quart from the Martha Stewart line, simply the best thing ever) and watched criminal minds and spent the evening playing hot wheels with X.

Thursday- work in the morning then, went to the post office and my business license arrived (totally awesome!!!!) and then went to a tea party at my friend Tara's amazing house (seriously, she has the best taste and decorating style ever! Her pineapple upside down cake was divine and the tea sandwiches were so yummy. We read magazines, chatted, watched a little martha, followed up with some Tori and Dean. Thanks again, Tara for the great afternoon! Then I spent the rest of the day with X and we had some french fries with a whole lot of fun!

Friday- was work in the morning, followed by a road trip to Boise to see my grandparents and cousin. It was a wonderful afternoon and I drove home in the first snow fall of the season. By the time I got home it was the kind of snow that is just big flakes and no wind and is simply falling. It was so beautiful.

Saturday- was sleeping in just a little, followed by morning activities (playing in the snow followed up with hot cocoa with whip cream and sprinkles), then grocery shopping, some knitting, a trip to Micheal's and then made to different kinds of cookies to go in the freezer overnight before baking. I ended the day by making broccoli cheddar soup in the dutch oven, catching up on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (I think Lisa and Kyle are my favorite from that group of ladies) and worked on more of my knitting.

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