Let it Snow, Let it Snow Series: The Game Plan for Holiday Baking

This year my mom and I are taking over the baking of the holiday cookies (my grandma always bakes an amazing amount of yummy cookies and mails them out to our family). The baking has already begun and I am seriously going to try to make all of the ones she makes plus add a few new ones to the mix (there are around 20 varieties that she makes and I am adding in at least 5, maybe 10 to that). The game plan is to bake one or two types of cookies a day and then several varieties on the weekend. Yesterday, I picked up the glass bowl for my mixer (yes, I am in love with this! the pour spout and size make it simply fabulous).

Besides the baking of the cookies, I really wanted to create more of a "present" feel in the presentation. With several trips to Michael's and Joann's to stock up on Martha Stewart baking boxes, Paula Deen boxes, cellophane bags, and printed tissue, along with a few cute things to decorate the packages.

Here is our dining table stacked with a bunch of "tag" making supplies. (I didn't really know what most of the cookies were called so I am going to make little labels using stamps, glitter, stickers, and attach them using bakers twine, ribbon, etc.) Today, I plan to make the labels for the cookies that are already done that way just in case I don't get all the cookies baked, I won't have random labels laying around.

As a finishing touch, I decided I would make a Christmas ornament that will have Xmas Cookies 2010 embroidered on the back. Starting a new little tradition with that. In the craft stuff that my grandma gave me there was a little thing for Christmas ornaments that are common quilt blocks. For this years I chose the "Grandmothers Flower Garden" (mainly because it is the quickest and the fact that I love hexagons). The fabric I am going to be using is Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas from Moda. The squares of fabric have all been cut and the hexagons have also been cut out, it looks like this evening I will doing a little hand sewing.

What are some of your big holiday plans in the baking area?

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