Wow, finally getting back…

into a regular routine. I am loving the change of seasons and fall already seems like it will be fairly productive. The leaves changing, crisp mornings and warm cozy food is making me feel energized and happy. This also means that blogging will be back to normal this week, hopefully! (crossing my fingers on that one!) I am hoping to also fit in a ton of sewing this week if all goes well. On Mondays, I tend to catch up on all my housework and other random things that need to be done in order to leave plenty of time for sewing and other projects during the rest of the week. One of my projects from last week that got finished up over the weekend was this quilt:

 and a close up of the back:

This is one of my soon-to-be quilt patterns (option 2) and is also the quilt pattern that I am teaching in my introduction to quilting class. The fabric is from Moda. I really love how this quilt turned out! I am in the process of getting all the handouts finished up for my class (I am a big fan of handouts, mostly as a way to reference things and a place to keep notes on)

I also taught a fun class on Saturday (it was the study hall skirt by anna maria horner) and these were the two skirts finished up! They both turned out so awesome!

 *sorry about the sideways picture- blogger keeps turning it…. ugh!

Alright, I am off to get a few more things done, finish up some new tutorials for the next couple of weeks and catch up on some of my reality tv watching!

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