Last week & happy halloween!

last week was insanely busy plus I am still dealing with my crazy allergies (I finally went to the doctor today). Anyways last week I was busy teaching two lovely classes and I attended a Mixology class that was a blast on Thursday night. Friday I went to a halloween party with X. Here he is in his costume:

*sorry its sideways- I have no idea why blogger keeps rotating them the wrong way…

This week is going to be another busy one: I have a class on Tuesday and on Saturday (which I still need to do the prep for both), my birthday is on Wednesday, and I am hoping to fit in some more sewing and do some more blogging (I will be finishing up my 26 things to do before I turn 27 on Tuesday). Plus I have my regular job as well. This holiday season is proving to be fairly fast paced and I am going to attempt to do my annual free holiday projects starting the second or third week of November. How is your holiday season shaping up?

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