This week is just flying by…

and I still feel like I haven't finished up much on my to-do list for the week. This is going to make for a busy weekend. On Tuesday, I spent time finish up a few samples for the classes I am teaching in the next couple of weeks. (next week I will share all the projects) This also called for another photo shoot, which is what I spent Tuesday afternoon working on. I have done a rough edit of the photos and now I need to pick the final ones. 
I did have time to make X his first superhero cape (sorry for the lame photo of it not in action, but getting a almost 3 year old superhero to get his picture taken is not an easy job and that it is sideways, blogger keeps rotating it… totally annoying):

So far he likes it only for a few minutes at a time and really enjoys it when I wear it and run around. It seems to really crack him up. This is part of a flat sheet that I picked up at the thrift store for $.50 or so, I added an applique X with orange stitching around the edge and the tie is a piece of blue twill.

In other random news, I got a sunburn yesterday from working outside all day. Today,  I am busy baking a birthday cake for mom (its a spice cake, first one of the season!!!). Along with trying to put the finishing touches on a handout for my beginning sewing class that starts on Tuesday night (mostly just proofing and writing up one more section). My other goal is to work on the project for the Sketchbook Projects for next week (it involves chiffon!). Alright, time to go frost the cake and grab a bite to eat before I head up to the sewing machine. Hope the rest of your Friday is really great!

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