Switching it up…

every season or so, I change up my inspiration board on my wall. I am lucky to have a huge board to use just as an inspiration area (it started out as a large painting on canvas that I picked up somewhere and I just covered it with muslin). My process always starts by going through several of my magazine tear-outs (a lot of times when I tear out something, I know if I want to use it as a main piece on the big wall), when sorting them out and clear trends tend  emerge (they may be ones that are actually "in" right now, but a lot of time they are just things that I like together). The tear-outs that make it up on the wall are all things that I really love. Once, I have a few piles of inspiration, they get pinned up on the wall along with color chips. Here is where my fall-winter inspiration board is at right now:
So far it is pretty plain (I always add things throughout the months and it generally all gets filled up and has a lot more texture to it. Buttons, zippers, fabric, etc all make it up there) Right now I am in love with these 4 trends: Black & White with a hint of Red (lower left corner), Muted, Earthy Princess lots of white, ice blue, a light gray (top right corner), A Fall Pop of Color lots of mustard, soft red, chocolate, and cream (top middle), and Nature-Inspired with lots of fur, butterfly prints, and wool in off-white, camel, custard, and charcoal (bottom right corner). The inspiration board gets used in multiple ways from inspiring my illustrations, designs or just how I plan to choose my wardrobe for the season plus it just makes my studio feel complete and happy. Do you have a favorite way of storing, choosing, or displaying your favorite inspiration pieces?

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  1. I have a book that I tack stuff in and sometimes I will make notes. However, mine isnt fashion. Mine is decorating, staging, colors, and things I think I can make.

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