My Sketchbook: Leopard

I am a huge fan of leopard print (as long as it isn't overdone or in crazy colors like lime green). Really I don't think it ever really goes out of style, but this season leopard seems to be a bigger trend then usual (totally makes me happy!!!). So, I thought I would add a little something to my wardrobe that could work with many different looks:

Here's my inspiration page from my sketchbook:

Materials Needed:
Fabric & Light to medium weight fusible interfacing (you will end up with 6 pieces, 3 of fabric, 3 interfacing, cut fabric and interfacing for each set of measurements)
waist* + 4 1/2"= the length and 4 1/2" for the width main belt piece (*for the waist measure for where you want to where the belt)
13" x 4 1/2" for the bow
4" x 3" for the middle of the bow
1 button 
coordinating thread
Step 1: Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of fabric for all 3 pieces

Step 2: Take one of your pieces and gently fold lengthwise with right sides together. Sew the un-folded edge with a 1/2" seam allowance. Repeat with the remaining two pieces.

Step 3: Trim seam allowance to 1/4" on all pieces.

Step 4: Turn pieces right side out.

Step 5: Press all three pieces flat with seam centered along what will become the back of the belt.

Step 6: Take the main part of the belt and fold the raw edge over 1/2" press.

Step 7: Fold the edge another 1/2", press. Sew to secure the end. Set piece aside for now.

Step 8: Take the main bow piece and fold in half with right sides together and raw edges lined up together.

Step 9: Sew with a scant 1/4" seam allowance as shown below.

Step 10: Press seam allowance open.

ep 11: Center the seam along the back. (the seam will be hidden by the middle bow piece).

Step 12: Take your middle bow piece (placed right side down) and place the bow on top and centered with the top side of the main bow piece facing down. 

Step 13: Fold the top edge down, gently pinch the bow and fold the bottom edge up tucking the raw edge in. Hold together with your fingers. 
Step 14: Use a few pins to secure the bow. 

Step 15: Hand sew the middle of the bow along the back seam to secure. Set the bow aside.

Step 16: Try the belt on to measure the overlap.

Step 17: Use a pin to mark where the overlap ends.

Step 18: Divide the overlap into three areas and make 3 vertical buttonholes (I just used a buttonhole on my sewing machine and eyeballed where I wanted the buttonholes. This will allow you to adjust the belt according to the amount of layers you are wearing.) Attach the button to the wrong side of the belt. (again attached the button using my sewing machine following the manufacturer's instructions, and don't worry the stitching from the button that is on the right side will be covered up by the bow.)

Step 19: Put the belt on and hold the bow where desired and pin in place to the top layer of the belt.

note: I made sure to put the outside edge of the bow out enough to cover up the buttonholes if it was set on the largest size. 

Step 20: Hand sew the bow on to the belt. (I just attached the middle of the bow to the belt so the sides of the bow can stick out a little so you can easily see the bow.)

And now you have a fun new belt to add to you fall wardrobe!

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