A little of this and a little of that…

that's the way my weekend felt. I worked on several projects but only did a little on each. Some days are like that I guess. I was working on a class sample, but I forgot to flip the pattern over and so now I need to make another trip to the fabric store tomorrow. (seriously, that's when I put that project aside. I think some projects are only meant to work out on certain days). The class sample in progress:

Then I started working on a the quilt for my introduction to quilting class. Here's where I am at right now:

I have 2 of the 4 types of blocks finished and am super glad with the progress that I have made on it. I can't wait to see it finished up. 

*sorry I can't get the photo to upload the right way…

I also picked up this book and the first project I decided to try out is the Zombie Kitty. (I love this book and the goal is to make one of every zombie for a complete set). I did trace the pattern out of the book and enlarged it 175%. I think that they are kind of tiny (but would be super cute that way, I just don't have the patience for that) and wanted them a little bigger for what I was doing.
Some of my spare time was used filling up some more pages in my sketchbook in preparation for a few new tutorials for the month (mainly gluing magazine cutouts to the pages). Here is a peak at what the new tutorial for this week will be featuring:

I did manage to take a little break and make a little "mug rug" using a bunch of scraps from my scrap bin and I just need to get the binding finished up then I will show you the whole thing. The main reason I wanted to make one of these was to practice some free motion quilting on my new machine. It looks like I am going to need some more practice.

Along with sketching out some rough illustrations for one of the patterns I need for this weekend's upcoming Market Tote Bag Class. Plus, I am trying to squeeze in several personal projects, so I can cross them off the list! This week already looks to be insanely busy.

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