I think I finally got my little blog redo to a great spot and I added a tutorials page. Here you can find all the free tutorials (sorted by categories), I am hoping that this makes it easier to find them and I also updated all the links to a new site for downloading the pdf files. By the way a huge thanks to Craft Gossip for featuring my bookmark tutorial on Tuesday.

In other news, I have been busy sewing a ton of new things. Here is my giant to sew list:

One of the my many sewing to-do lists is filled with nothing but personal projects a.k.a the list of projects that I really wish would get done but always get pushed to the back burner. As a goal, I try to spend at least 2 or 3 days a month working on projects of that list. Mainly, so I can add more to it. They are not in any particular order (I tend to start/stop and jump around the whole list) but these are the things that are currently in progress (*note the x's are for my son's name Xavier, its just easier to write x):

X Blazer- I have an idea for this (its based on a vintage blazer that x loves but he already outgrew it) and already picked up the materials
Rocket Quilt- The top is pretty much finished (its a wall hanging, but I can't decide what I am doing for the backing)
X Underwear- since he is in the potty training phase and I really dislike the boys underwear choices (plus the cost) that are out there on the market- I made my own pattern. I have 15 pairs in progress they just need some topstitching and elastic on the waist. They are made out of old t-shirts so the only cost I have in them is the elastic. *sorry that the picture is sideways blogger is doing something weird to it

Study Hall Skirt- the Anna Maria Horner pattern, it is cut out and ready to sew and I finally picked up some ivory thread for it, but now it just sits in the to be done pile.
Summer Blouse- again its all cut out (the pattern is from the Weekend Sewing book by Heather Ross) and is sitting on my table
X Shorts and Pants- I have 3 pairs of pants that just need to be hemmed and elastic added to the waist, 1 pair that just needs the elastic finished up. (the pattern is the lounge pant from my tutorials)
Slippers- from the Handmade Beginnings book by Anna Maria Horner my goal is to get these made before fall really sets in since my other slippers fell apart in the spring- I have all the materials just need to make them.
Skirt Redo- I finished this skirt by doing an online sew along (that part was the fun part) but I don't like the way the skirt looks on me so I want to make it in to a dress by sewing it to a tank top

*The giant pile of in progress projects and this photo is uploading sideways the wrong way too…

X Tops- I have 4 of the kai's shirt cut out from the Weekend Sewing By Heather Ross book, 1 is actually almost finished up
Wonky Star Quilt- I recieved all of my blocks from the  Magic Valley Modern Quilt Guild Wonky Star Swap and now I need to make the quilt top. 
Houndstooth Cape- I have the fabric and the pattern cut out to make a cape for fall- yeah that was last fall so hopefully this year I will get it finished up.
X chair- I found a pattern for one of those small plush chairs for toddlers and have most of the pieces cut out   

Do you have a crazy list of projects that you want to make? And if you made it through reading that giant list of projects- here is a little photo of a flower on my computer:

X has really been into picking and surprising me with flowers, that was the latest one! 

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