Um… weekend, where did you go?

Last weekend went way to quickly, which leads me to think that August will be over before you know it. The weekend was filled with pattern writing (4 are ready for illustrations, which I am hoping to get started on today), 

sewing more wonky star blocks (only 12 more to go), 

making another pair of lounge pants for little guy, 

reading (just picked up a copy of The Handmade Marketplace), 

plus sorting out a few other projects that are upcoming.

So now that it is Monday (probably my craziest/one-of-my favorite days of the week), I am back to my regular Monday routine.  Mondays are filled with the morning/everyday workout, laundry (I almost always do all the laundry on Monday, so it is a most of the day task), run any important errands, blog, make my plan for the week, paint my nails, clean X's toys, playing a million+ games/reading books/cars with X, and so on. It is probably my busiest day of the week, but I usually accomplish enough tasks that which the rest of the week be a little more flexible.

Next week, I am going to be sewing X a new fall wardrobe (he went from a 4T to 5T with his latest growth spurt *he doesn't even turn 3 until October… ). Since he is tall and thin, it is easier to make his clothes most of the time, plus I enjoy doing it. If they turn out well, I am planning on doing a boy's week showing you all the clothing I made along with different ways to style the outfits. Along with what I think is essential for a boy's wardrobe. 

Here's whats on the list:
•Underwear (he just started his potty training adventure, here's the pile…) 

•T-Shirts & some button downs (all the button downs are already cut out)
•Shorts/Pants (mostly more lounge pants and if I can find some denim maybe some jeans)
•A blazer  (if I have time I am going to try and make a zip-up hoodie, too)
•At least one hat (maybe two since he always seems to misplace them….)

Alright, I better get some sewing done… 

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