Some sewing…

I finished up this skirt yesterday (pattern is the Study Hall Skirt by Anna Maria Horner; fabric is also by Anna Maria Horner): 

(the top photo is the front and the bottom photo is the back) 
This is a sample (size Large, I'm hoping to wear it in the Spring or before that with tights!!!) for a class I will be teaching at The Quilt Barn in October. More details soon on that. The skirt turned out really cute and it was worth it to spend the extra time matching the stripes. 
Last night was also the monthly meeting of the Desert Sage Quilt Guild, as always, it was interesting. This month I remembered to make a block for the Block of the Month part of the meeting. It was a really cute applique butterfly, here's mine:

The block ended up measuring 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" and I just used some scraps from my stash (it got a little crinkled right before taking the photo since my son was playing with it trying to make it fly). I used Wonder-Under for the fusing the applique in place, but it is a little stiff for a quilt (next time I think I will used steam-a-lite or steam-a-lite 2). Eventually this butterfly will probably end up in a wall hanging due to it being so stiff or maybe a table topper. 
This was also the first time I used the applique stitch on my sewing machine. The results turned out really for a first attempt. I can already see a variety of uses for this stitch in many of my sewing projects. 
In other news in the next couple of days a new weekly feature is going to start… just working on the last minute details and making sure it all comes together nicely. Plus, I am busy working on pattern instructions, handouts, illustrations, photographs, etc. for my upcoming classes and dealing with general everyday life. Well, now the the weekend is officially underway (last week was just a lot to handle in so many ways that the weekend just couldn't come fast enough for me), I am going to work on a few more things before I sit back and relax a little. Have a great rest of Friday night! 

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  1. Great skirt. The colors and stripes are fab.Do you have the blog addresses for guild members? I added a side bar with our links.See you Wednesday?

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