Obsessions: Nail Polish

I love it, I collect it, I love how having a toddler around increases the amount of time it takes to complete the task (about twice as long plus he is a great helper for picking out the colors)! My general colors:
Fingers- Dark most of the time (typically on the black based side, but I might branch out occasionally into brighter colors) 

from left to right
#1- Pat on the Black by Sally Hansen (I think it is discontinued though, not sure) all time favorite- it is a really deep purple based black *as a crazy sidenote: my hair is also dyed this color, which just happened accidentally one time and now it has stuck with me)
#2- Charcoal Cheer Maybelline Express Finish gray black with a hint of shimmer 
 Toes- almost always bright and tend to go towards the bright red/orange/pink area….

from left to right
#1-Speedy Hot Tamale by Maybelline Express Finish- really love this red-orange it always seems to go with everything
#2- Wonder Melon by Maybelline foreverstrong- when I feel more hot pink this is my go-to
#3- Shrimply Divine by Sally Hansen- a bright light pink that is about as girly as I get
#4- Rocker by Mac- has a lot of shimmer and is a great deep red, love it!
 For the topcoat I always use this: 

 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

Since I strive on routine (yeah, that really never happens), but laundry day almost always occurs on Monday, so I thought it would be logical to paint my nails every Monday. Mainly, so I could not leave the polish on there forever and wait for it to disappear while looking ugly switch up colors and start the week with fresh polish. Do you have any favorite nail polishes that I should add to my collection?

Today was spent in the studio sewing (I made a small dent in my project list) a full recap will be in the works for tomorrow. I am also working on a new Friday feature that will be a mix of fashion, styling, tutorials (like taking the lace trend and making a clutch or accessory), etc. starting next week. ~kz

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