A few of my favorites…

from the photo shoot I did last week with one of my best friends (okay, we are more like sisters!), Nicole. I am in the process of updating my portfolio (slowly but surely anyways) by re-shooting some of my older pieces. First is this wedding dress:

Dress:  Kaysie Schreiner
I created this dress for my senior project while in fashion school and had never gotten around to taking photos of it on a real person only a dress form. I still have a few more photos to edit, but for now these are my favs!
One of the fashion shows I was in, included a short navy velvet vest with a gold lame backing. Really one of my favorite pieces from that show.
 Vest: Kaysie Schreiner
Tank Top: Jockey
Jeans: Silver
Boots: Fioni

Styling was kept to a minimum since we were short on time. We also got some shots of things for the future pattern releases. I had a great time taking these shots and a getting a couple of things crossed off my list, but the best part was spending time with Nicole (she was visiting from the east coast). Growing up, we were always creating things and loved to do mini photo shoots all around the house. She also managed to get some photos of X and me (I will try and post a few when I get copies). The whole time we spent together was a blast (not to mention a huge boost to my current creative flow) and it was fun to re-live those kind of creative adventures.

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