A few completed projects…

in total only about three things actually made it off my project list yesterday (a few had multiples to be completed before I could cross them off).  First up is another Kai's Shirt from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross:
 *the front
*the back
It should work well for fall and hopefully make it through the winter. (size is 3T the largest size of the pattern)
3 pairs of lounge pants- I tried out a new waistband technique, (that I really like since you save time not having to make a casing for the elastic), but I am waiting for them to go through a little real life testing before add the variation to the lounge pant tutorial. 
This wall hanging was a single wonky star block that was used for a demo at one of the Magic Valley Modern Quilt Guild meetings. The back is a Kona solid (Tarragon, I think) and it uses two layers of natural batting. It was a simple project and now the block isn't just sitting around on my design wall taking up space. As an added bonus my mom likes it. 😉
I also finished up another variation of the Summer Blouse from the Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross book. This time I made a yoke (mainly because I was short on the floral fabric) and I did a different finish on the neckline. Overall, this one fits better than the first and I really like the dots/floral combo. I think if I was going to make it again and with sleeves I would choose a shirting or fabric with slightly more drape than quilting cotton. 
I also managed to finish up all the topstitching on 15 pairs of underwear for the little guy; 14 pairs need elastic waistbands added and the 15th was worn for about 1 1/2, in which X decided he loved them! My goal for tomorrow is to finish up all the waistbands and sketch out the blazer I am planning on making for X. Meanwhile, I am busy working on illustrations and instructions for my upcoming patterns and classes. Here's to the beginning of a busy but hopefully productive weekend.

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