nothing but a bunch of work in progresses(WIPs) going on around here:
So far, a bunch of triangles cut for the wonky star blocks (I cut enough to finish 16 more blocks) and some blocks that need to be trimmed to 4.5". White squares are in the process of being cut out, I am spending some time working on these each day. The blocks (26 of them) need to be finished up by August 12th (5 are completed so far).
My mom helped me out yesterday and cut out this stack of fabric (t-shirts that  are going to turn into underwear for the little guy, since potty training is in full swing around here) I am hoping to spend an hour or so working on these today, since most of the work is done on the overlock machine it goes fairly quick.
A sneak of a pattern that will be released this fall. I have several more projects started, in different stages and nothing really finished. Do you like to have several projects going at once or just one at a time?

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