What I have been up to lately…

actually not doing a ton of sewing (gasp!), instead I have been reorganizing/purging/cleaning my studio (something I loathe, mainly but I have an insanely busy fall schedule coming up and I need to get super organized and prepped, so things run as smoothly as possible). This is a really large job and super boring (plus it causes me a little bit of anxiety since I really like to hold on to things plus you really never know when you are going to need something, right!?, but I am learning to let go a little bit). Can I say that I am in LOVE with  how the whole space is turning out, seriously love, love, love. Almost every single piece of furniture has been moved, cleaned, utilized for a new purpose, plus the new layout already seems really effective. Here is one side of the room (the only side that is actually completed so far, if you want to see what my studio looked like before check out this post):
So my dress form is now closer to my sewing area (get ready to see a lot more use out of her) and not out in the middle of the studio. (This area used to have a table where my serger and extra sewing machines hung out collecting dust along piles of in progress projects, scraps, and who knows what else.) In the large rubbermaid (it is one that is used for holding gift wrap), I store my drafts of patterns and draped projects, etc. Underneath, my radio I keep a box for extra paper (leftovers from various projects) and my rolls of tracing paper, vinyl, and misc. sewing things. 
My desk became a clutter magnet, so I moved it clear across the room and it now holds my sewing machine (on the left) and my serger (on the right). This was probably the best decision I made, it really is a nice large table (compared to the small dining table, which is now my regular desk) plus there is enough room to move the serger back if I need to use more of the table for larger projects. The reason I chose to have my serger next to my sewing machine is simple: I use that machine a lot for finishing edges on most projects and sewing knits. 
The pressing area. Also where the thread, books, and a few other things are stored, plus a pillow for the cat, Bentley, to take his nap on while I am working. So that is part one of the studio clean out. It really is easier to move around and you don't feel all boxed in with all kinds of stuff. (I have plenty of space up there so it wasn't like I needed to be all cramped in a corner, lol) I think I will make my goal of getting it all cleaned up by Friday and hopefully will get some sewing done, too. 

Other things, mostly computer work, have been happening as well. Next, week look for another free quilt pattern and a few changes to the blog. 

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