wow, this week is really going by quickly. Still, no sewing, mainly because my studio purging continues (I am basically going through everything I own. A lot of the stuff is from my after college life, but quite a few things are from high school and childhood that I never made it through before I left for college.), boxes are being packed, things are being donated, and some stuff is ending up in the trash. The goal is set to have it finished up by the end of Friday and I may just make it to that goal or at least get it finished up by the end of the weekend. (This will hopefully mean that next week will be filled with sewing, especially since I have about 10 projects that need to get finished up in the next couple of weeks!) Also, the Tuesdays in the Garden feature will return next week! 

Oh, head over to The Quilt Barn Blog to see the Spearmint Quilt

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