Only 4 More Months to Go…

on my 26 things to do before I turn 27 list. July went really fast with some more progress with a few more goals. I did try to focus on more of the "lifestyle" goals during the month of July. My plan for August is really just to get at least one or two of the goals crossed off. 

 (items in blue are the status of each goal, so I can see my progress and figure out what I need to work on more. I want to make sure that I keep up with them) 

1. Practice yoga 3 times a week (instead I have started walking/jogging with my mom at 5:30 AM every day, so far it is working out great and I am adjusting to a new schedule. I do feel like I get a ton more done during the day.) 
2. Start my own business 
(I am getting ready to launch everything this fall. Patterns are being written up, things are being planned, my business plan is being reworked and it is just going to take a little bit more time before I can reveal all of the exciting things that I have been working on… )
3. Illustrate 5 days a week 
4. Read 1 book a month 
(8 books and counting… I need to catch up on this one big time. I did start another book, but have sort of forgotten about it.)
5. Conquer Iced sugar cookies
6. Wear high heels several times a week 
(still living in flats mainly because it has been fairly hot and I haven't really gone anywhere that I felt I should wear heels to.)
7. Sew 1 quilt at least full sized 

8. Make more of my own clothes 
(I have another summer blouse cut out and a skirt to finish up but I have a lot of sewing projects going on at the moment, so those will have to wait just a little longer.) 
9. Eat more fresh food 
(doing well this, so I am going to go ahead and cross it off! )  
10. Drink only 1-2 pops a month until zero 11. Have a nightly ritual (like tea, cookie, and sketching)
12. Clean out my studio and simplify 
(about 90% there I just have to clean off two desks and the clothing out of the closet and it will be finished up.)  
13. Build a website 
(I have the plan & did the illustrations for it, this is sort of at a stand still but I know what I am going for and just have to get it going.) 
14. Plant another garden 
15. Bake more 
16. Scrapbook at least twice a month 
(Some new photos have been printed but this is one of the desks that needs to be cleaned up. Again with all the other things that I am working on this just seems to fall to the back burner for right now.)
17. Improve my photography 
(working on editing my photos in photoshop a little bit to make them look a little better.) 
18. Keep up my relationships 
< span style="color: #3d85c6;">(I think I have been doing a little better at this, plus I have been trying to step out of my comfort shell and meet new people. It is a lot of fun, I am finding out!) 
19. Organize my "library" 
20. Back up my computer frequently 
(check, check, check!) 
21. Take time to be present in the moment 
(Again always trying to work on this, I really am trying not to over schedule myself with different things. I think time management is the main goal in order to keep things balanced.) 
22. Have a booth at a craft fair (I am not sure I will actually get this one done or not, I will wait and see when I get a few pattern ready to be sold and see what happens from there.) 
23. Quilt Market (have a booth at) 
(my goal is for May 2011 when it is in Salt Lake, so I guess this one won't technically get crossed off before I turn 27, but trust me I am going to make this happen.)
24. Design my own fabric line 
(I have been doing a few sketches nothing much on this for the month of July and I probably won't get to much into it in August so hopefully September I will be able to build up my portfolio in this area.)
25. Have a girl's night out once a month 

26. Go on a solo weekend adventure 

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