Obsessions: Summer 2010

Okay, so I actually really love all of the seasons, but each season has different things that I become obsessed with. Summer 2010 has become defined by these:
• HOT weather- it's no secret, I really dislike being cold. I would much rather be warm.
•Swimming lessons- it's so fun to watch x learn to swim, while I get to sit in the warm sun and capture all the swimming action on camera.

• Painting my nails bright colors- right there are a bright pink on my fingers and a super awesome aqua on my toes 
• Fresh Lemonade mixed with sparkling water
• Longer days- I always feel like I get more done during the summertime
• Fresh salads and produce- I really can't wait until the garden starts producing yummy things.
• Spending more time outside whether on picnics, at the playground or just watering all the plants, it just feels really great and relaxing.
• Taking photos- almost everyday

I hope summer stays for awhile! 

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