I have been a little busy…

I have spent has much time as possible sewing away parts of the day. First, I am in the process of making underwear for the little guy since potty training is underway. Today, I am going to be cutting out as many pairs as possible. (I have made two test pairs to get the fit right and am working on a pattern for them in the near future.) It seems that the little guy has been growing/wearing out much of his wardrobe so shirts are in progress:

* the sleeves, collar, and pocket are finished, buttons have been chosen and interfacing has been cut for the placket, so I am about half-way on this one. 
My wonky star blocks are due at the next Magic Valley Modern Quilt Guild meeting, so I have been busy working on them (my nephew helped me put these together and I must say it really helped speed up the process):
*I chose to make mine really scrappy, but I ran out of white fabric when I started cutting all the squares so only 5 have been finished up. All the centers are cut and I have a large stack of scraps for the points, I am hoping to get some time today to work on a couple more since I finally picked up some more white fabric the other day. 
Still a few undercover projects that will be revealed in awhile (I still have a ton of sewing to do for them), but here is a sneak of one:
Yesterday was a fun outing (a little fabric shop hop), I had a ton of fun (thanks to all the fun ladies who came) and the little guy came on the adventure, too. He really enjoys going to fabric stores especially if after there is a park across the street. Our first stop was The Gathering Place: 
I ended up with just 2 fat quarters and 1 yard of some Patty Young's Bees in the black colorway (its going to be a shirt for x, big surprise there!)
Then we went to lunch just a couple of stores down from The Gathering Place:
It was a pretty yummy lunch and the ice tea was good. From there we went to Mill End Fabrics in Burley. That place was awesome. I would really make a trip out there again because they have a huge variety of fabrics (especially for garments) for great prices. It reminded me of shopping for fabric when I was in fashion school and that might have made me like the place even more. This is what I ended up with:
*5 yards of lingerie elastic (I'm working on some intimate apparel patterns), three zippers, some waistband elastic, 1 yard of suiting (this is going to become a blazer for x, and a navy/white striped knit which is going to become a shirt for x. 
For the rest of the weekend, I will be working on some of my "work in progress"  sewing projects and doing some computer work. I better make some more ice tea to keep me going! Have a fun rest of the day!

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